Tv Series: New Tv Series coming out in November 2018

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If you’re wondering what the month of November has in store for you, here is a list of New Tv Series to expect.

1. Homecoming (November 2) – Drama, Thriller

Good intentions, Erratic bosses, Mounting paranoia and Unforeseen consequences spiraling out of control. Heidi (Julia Roberts) works at Homecoming, a facility helping soldiers transition to civilian life. Years later she has started a new life, when the Department of Defense questions why she left Homecoming. Heidi realizes there’s a whole other story behind the one she’s been telling herself. Watch out for this new Drama, Thriller Serie by Prime Original.

2. Origin (November 14) – Sci-Fi

Youtube Original’s Sci-Fi Serie where a group of strangers struggle for survival aboard a spaceship heading to a distant planet.

3. The Kominsky Method (November 16) – Comedy

From the creator of popular Tv series like The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half men, Chuck Lorre, Netflix will be releasing this cool new comedy serie on November 16. Want to have a good laugh, watchout for the Kominsky Method. It is about an aging actor, who long ago enjoyed a brush with fame, and makes his living as an acting coach.

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