10 Best Ways to Relieve Stress and get Your Smile back

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Do you feel stressed sometimes, that it’s like it drains all the positive energy inside of you. Check out this 10 cool ways you can use to de-stress.

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Do you feel stressed sometimes or most times, that it’s like it drains all the beautiful, positive energy inside of you. Sometimes, it’s like the smile is gone and even when you try to cheer yourself up, nothing seems to be bringing your groove back. Well, trust me, you’re not alone on this. Most people struggle through life’s journey and stress being a part of it sometimes, get lost in all of the sadness and assume Life should just be that way. Well, who created that rule and said you should only be so strict and enjoy the stress as you go? No one. You can free yourself more and live a more stress-free life. Check out this 10 best ways you can use to relieve stress and get your smile back. You Ready?

Hmm! Alright!

10 best ways to relieve stress

1.) Leave Social Media For just one Day

social media 10 best ways to relieve stress

Can you Stay without checking on their Whatsapp status, Facebook updates, Instagram Stories for more than an hour or a day? So hard right?

Have you noticed that apart from the news feed about politics, entertainment, fashion trends and other useful info you get online, when it comes to your distant friends, known or unknown on social media, Everyone just looks so Happy and Successful. Wow, She looks so good with her makeup on, He just bought a new Car, What am I doing with my Life?

Guess what, all this Energy and unnecessary competition to build followers and look your best for the gram is not so healthy for you. It tends to build up Anxiety and make you more depressed and stressed up with worries. Just try it, leave your Social Media for a day, and do something more productive and relaxing. You would achieve a lot more and feel more of reality.

2.) Lay Back and Listen to Cool Music

music 10 best ways to relieve stress and get your smile back

Cool Jam, Slow Jam, Old Jams, R & B, anything that makes you feel relaxed.

This is one of my favourites! Music has this awesome power and ability to make you relax, forget all your worries and problems of life.

Even without lyrics, gentle musical notes can still soothe you and make you smile, dwelling in beautiful memories of things you’ve done in the past and things you would love to achieve. This choice is really healthy for you, great way to meditate and enjoy your alone time, and guess what, there is always a song for any mood you are in. Feeling groovy, want to dance, or just want to dwell in your feelings? Music is always there for you. I would suggest you getting cool headsets with cool bass just enough to distract you and make the outside noise become silent.

3.) Spend Some Time in Nature

nature best ways to relieve stress

The Birds, The Hilltops, The Sea, The Beauty, Mother Nature could never go Wrong!

One Of the best ways to relax, relieve stress, feel motivated again and maybe find peace and joy within yourself, can come from when you take time and observe Nature.

There is this sweet, comforting, soothing and relaxing feeling you get from it. I don’t know the Magic behind it, but this really works. The cool breeze, the beautiful landscape, the Ocean or Sea, the cute animals running around looking for food, the freedom to meditate and clear your mind. This would surely help you relieve stress, and boost the positive energy in you. Just give it a try, Dearie!

4.) Take a Hot Shower and See How Relieved you’ll Feel

hot shower to relieve stress

After a Long, Noisy and Stressful Day, A Hot Shower Might just be What You Need!

It’s Therapeutic, It’s Relieving, It’s Healthy for your Skin, So Why not?

When you take a hot bath after your long and stressful day, the hot water improves your Oxytocin levels, which helps improve your mood, and make you feel relaxed and stress-free.

You also get the additional benefit of a Sound Good night’s Sleep, cause it makes it easier for you to relax, sleep and dwell in sweet dreams. Good Choice!

5.) A little Exercise To Start or End the day won’t Hurt

exercise to relieve stress

Want to relieve yourself of stress, really fast, a quick and best choice is exercise.

This is like causing physical stress to your body, to relieve mental Stress, hmm!

Exercise helps a lot when you’re stressed for few but very important reasons:

  • It helps Release your Feel-Good Hormones called Endorphins. These Hormones help improve your mood and make you feel relaxed and relieved.
  • Contributes to Sound Quality Sleep Afterwards. When you finish those pushups, jogging rounds and you break a sweat, then have a hot bath, you feel good and sound sleep is not so far away.
Tired Good Night GIF by Disney - Find & Share on GIPHY
  • Acts as a great Confidence booster. Just good reason enough for you and me. With regular exercise, you feel more in-charge over your body, you show-off a little bit too, and this really helps in promoting your mental health. You are in Control!
Feeling Good Confidence GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

So…With Exercise, you can keep in shape, and also De-stress? Who knew?

6.) Have Fun With Friends and Family

fun with friends and family to relieve stress

Together, We can make Beautiful Memories!

Friends and Family bring out the best in Us, sometimes the Worst, but we make Memories when we’re together with them. You feel a part of something, A Team, and this gives you a feeling of comfort.

Stressed? What You Talking About?…Nahh

New Girl Fist Bump GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

7.) Spend Time With Your Pet

Pets help relieve stress

They’re Just Great!

They play around, do funny stuff, make good friends and make Us Laugh.

Interacting with pets, feeding them, playing with them, may help your body release Oxytocin which makes you feel less stressed and more relaxed.

8.) Get Lost in a Good Movie

Movies help relieve stress

Comedy, Drama, Romance, Thrillers! What’s Your Poison?

It’s My favourite! I love Movies because of how they make me feel inspired, the Laughs I get, the Perfect world and the Distraction. Are you stressed and need to release all this pent-up energy? Watch a good movie for laughs, a good cry, a thrilling experience or more, and see how relieved you’ll feel.

9.) Sex, xeS, Sex

Sex best way to relieve stress

Why We Love Biology!

Sex is a great way to relieve stress too. Don’t Shy away! A Lot of Endorphins and feel-good chemicals get released during sex, once you’re done, you Feel relaxed and in the mood for a good sound Sleep.

Great Way To End The Day!

10.) Give Yourself A Break

take a break to relieve stress

Hello Beautiful Workaholics, Get in Here!

One major cause of stress is overworking your body and mind. I once was so stressed, I broke down and couldn’t even smile or chat with co-workers. I was just so tired. If this is you, Please, Please, Give yourself a break inbetween Work hours. Take a Break, Stretch, Get a beverage, relax your body for a while at least 30minutes. You need it for your body to regain strength, mentally and physically.

Rise And Shine Summer GIF by @SummerBreak - Find & Share on GIPHY

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