15 easy things men do to look more attractive


If You are wondering about the little things Men or guys do to look more attractive and sexy, Checkout these 15 easy things men do to look more attractive.

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If You are wondering about the little things Men or guys do to look more attractive, You are in the right place. These are just simple but great ways to work on Your Body and Looks that can boost your confidence and set you apart from the rest. Here goes 15 easy things men do to look more attractive.

1. Get Regular Haircuts

With regular and consistent haircuts, you always look your best and dapper if I may say. Getting a haircut once a week can keep you at the top of your game and have you looking attractive always.

2. Shower and CleanUp Daily

With steady hair growth and body sweat, cleaning up and taking regular showers go a long way in maintaining good hygiene for men. It helps prevent issues like body odour and makes the man more appealing to the ladies.

3. Get a Signature Cologne or Perfume

Get a good Cologne that smells great, the ladies will be more attracted to you. Go for a premium product with a great scent and feel more confident when meeting people.

4. Exercise Daily For a great body

Devote at least 30 minutes each day to exercising. Download workout videos online and follow them daily. Develop your body into the desired shape you want and see how compliments would come from all corners. Your Confidence level will greatly increase as a Man. So will your looks and appearance.

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5. Wear Sunglasses or Shades

Have you ever wondered why when anyone puts on sunglasses, they automatically look more cool and attractive? Well, the reason why, is that sunglasses make you look sexy and hot because of the way they make the face symmetry align very well. Hotness overload!

6. Grow a Beard

The power of the Beard cannot be underestimated! According to a recent research, Science proves that growing a beard will do your love life some good. They also went on to say that “majority of women view men with stubble as more attractive for short-term flings than men with full beards, which were seen as the most attractive for long-term relationships.” Source: (http://valetmag.com/grooming/shaving/2016/beards-make-you-more-attractive-100416.php)

7. Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Give the old clothes away! Get better clothes that will make you look sharper and dapper for professional and social outings.

8. Suit Up

The Suit has differentiated the Men from the Boys for Ages. The Ladies don’t object to it and it makes you look Classy. It’s a Win-Win situation. So add a few suits to your wardrobe and see changes.

9. Be Good with a Musical Instrument

how to be more attractive

A man that can play a musical instrument very well, is like Gold for most ladies. Instruments like the Guitar, Piano, the Saxophone and more, makes the Man stand out, added with the lovely sounds from the Instrument. Romantic!

10. Use The Gentleman Approach

how to be more attractive

Remember the guy who practices simple gentleman gestures like being Considerate about others, Polite, Helpful and so on. See how cool he is! ‘Nice guys finish last’ they say, buy it’s not usually so. Instead he appears more attractive to others.

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11. Independent and Has his Affairs in Order

This is one of the Best for Ladies! A hardworking man, Independent, A Go getter and so on. Such a Man has his Special Charm and Confidence intact. Very Very Attractive!

12. Use The Social and Funny Guy Move

how to be more attractive

Women Love Men who make them Laugh! Try thinking of that guy in high school, who wasn’t so handsome but attracted the Ladies because of how funny he was. Yes, it works!

13. Showoff their Achievements!

how to be more attractive

This Strategy is as old as most people can remember! The guy with the flashy ride, looks cool, wears the best clothes, works with a great Company, so Cliche! It actually works, no doubt. He draws attention from everyone and even looks more attractive than he really is!

14. Take Leadership Roles

how to be more attractive

Almost any Man you meet wants to Be the Boss, if not now, Soon! It’s part of the manly gene! This quality makes him stand out in the crowd, be more attractive to the ladies, and raises his confidence. It’s quite natural everywhere, at work, school, social gatherings and so on.

15. Hangout in Cliques

how to be more attractive

Works especially in Social gatherings! Men use the attractiveness of hanging out in Cliques or Groups to socialize, meet ladies and look more attractive to others. It can be from two best friends to more. Quite effective!

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