15 Most Essential Food To Eat For That Healthy Skin You Want

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Do you want to get or maintain a healthy, flawless and glowing skin? Then try some of these 15 most essential food to eat for that healthy skin you want.

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One of the best things about food is that, What you eat brings out results in how Good and Healthy you look. Do you want great and Flawless Skin, looking all Healthy and Fresh? Do you wish to look Good and Healthy for as long as you Want?

Of Course You Do!

This is why I came up with 15 Most Essential food To Eat for that Healthy Skin you want, Just For YOU!

Here We Go!

1. Cucumber

Now, Cucumber is one of the best vegetable for skin care you could begin to use. There are so many benefits for your skin that you could get from this Beautiful vegetable. Check them out!

Awesome Benefits Cucumbers provide For Your Skin Are:

 1. Low Calories

 In Terms of Calorie Content, Cucumber contains about 15.54 Calories per 100g which is important When you’re watching your Calorie intake and you want to keep to your daily routine diet.


2. Very High Water Content

 The Water Content is really high and great for your Skin and Health in General. In fact, Raw cucumber with peel is 95% Water. It’s a cool fruit to chew on to replenish your daily water requirement and Stay Hydrated. Proper Hydration is important for many Physical Performance and Metabolism.


3. Contain Essential Rich Nutrients To Give you that Healthy Skin you’re looking for

 When It comes to Nutrients you could get for that lovely skin you need, Cucumber is one of the best Food you can Use. It’s packed with Nutrients like:
1. Silica: which aids the body in producing hyaluronic acid, responsible for keeping our skin Plump and young looking. Also helps in relieving Skin Conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis.
2. Vitamin K: which helps in relieving certain Skin conditions like Scars, Dark spots, stubborn Circles under the eye and Stretch Marks.
3. Vitamin C: It plays a major role in collagen production to help keep your skin healthy. This is why it is found in many Anti-aging SkinCare Products. Vitamin C also helps in healing of Damaged Skin, and in reducing appearance of wrinkles.
4. Also including other Nutrients like Vitamin A, Magnessium, Potassium and Manganese.

Additional Tip:

Cucumber is also Great for you when applied ON YOUR SKIN!

Research shows that Cucumber has a Cooling and Soothing Effect that helps to reduce Swelling, Irritation and Inflammation of the Skin. Cucumber Slices, when placed on the Eye can decrease Morning Puffiness, as well as treat Sunburns when placed on the affected Area.


2. Avocado

Yes, Avocadoes are so great, They made it to number 2 on our list.

Why Avocado is a Great Resource To get You That Healthy Skin You Need:

  • They Contain Biotin, a B-vitamin that helps to prevent Dry skin, Brittle Hair and Nails.
  • Packed with vitamin E, a great Antioxidant, which helps you a great deal in reducing the appearance of scars or any permanent marks you may have. It also helps give you Soft skin.
  • Avocadoes also contain Healthy fats and Fibre to keep your skin moisturized and flexible.
  • Extra nutrient Avocado blesses your skin with is Vitamin C. Ageing and Sun damage cause our skin to lose collagen, leading to wrinkles. Don’t want that now, do we? Vitamin C boosts your skin collagen production to give you more plump and smooth skin. Avocadoes are a good way to get enough Vitamin C’s for that Healthy skin.

Additional Tip:

Avocadoes can be used to create good moisturizing mask. All you need to do is Slice the fruit open, scoop out it’s pulp, and pat it generously on your face. The Oil helps to soften and soothe your skin.

3. Fatty Fish

Fatty Fish or Oily Fish are rich sources of Omega-3, the Fatty acid that is great at supplying your skin with Sooo many Benefits such as:

  • Helping your skin hold on to Water, leading to Moister, Plumper and Softer Skin cells Giving you a YOUNGER Looking Skin.
  • They Prevent release of Enzymes caused by Sun damage, thereby promoting Collagen production and preventing lines and Sagging Skin.
  • By keeping your Skin Moisturized from ‘InsideOut’, Omega-3 helps to reduce effects of eczema, by reducing inflammations in the body that leads to itching.
  • Omega-3s also provide huge health benefits for your Heart, Brain, Lungs and Circulation. For Example, High doses of it can slow plaque buildup in your Arteries, preventing clogged Arteries that lead to Heart Attack and Stroke. 

Wow! So, What are some types of Fatty Fish that Contain this Awesome Omega-3 I need for My Skin and Good Health?

The various types of Fatty Fish You Could resort to For your Omega-3 requirements are:

Additional Tip:

All These Fish are Rich in Omega-3, whether canned, Fresh or Frozen.

4. Brown Rice

Brown Rice is a whole grain of rice, that has a mild nutty flavor and chewier than white rice. In brown rice, only the outer layer, which cannot be eaten, is removed through milling. So enough nutrients and fibre are retained in Brown Rice.

Now, Why is Brown Rice a Great food to Eat for Healthy Skin?

1. It Helps Prevent Premature Ageing

Brown Rice is Packed with a lot of Proteins that help in repairing Damaged Skin, protecting it from wrinkles and sagging Skin. Due to the Complex Carbohydrates Brown Rice Contain, it helps Regulate Blood Sugar Level, preventing Premature Ageing.

2. It Helps Maintain Your Skin Elasticity

Due to The Selenium it contains, Brown Rice Helps to Maintain your Skin Elasticity and reduce skin inflammations.

3. A Good solution for your Acne Problem

A good remedy for solving your Acne Problems! Brown Rice is packed with lots of Antioxidants, Vitamins and Magnesium, which protect the skin from acne breakouts and skin blemishes.

4. Soothes Rashes and Sunburns.

It gets really Hot out there sometimes with our beautiful, but not So Friendly Sun. Brown Rice gives you a remedy just in case you get Sun burns. Because of the anti-inflammatory and cooling properties Brown rice possess, it helps to handle rashes and sunburn by helping the skin recover quickly and protecting it from forming any permanent marks.

5. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoe is a food we love for the way it tastes(One of my Favourite food). It might not be what you love as a meal, but with the tips am about to share with you, next time you go to the food market, you’ll love to add some sweet potatoes to the list of items to get.

So, What makes the Sweet Potatoe So ‘Sweet’ For Your Skin?

1. Excellent Source of Beta-Carotene For a Healthy and Radiant Skin

What is Beta-carotene? It is simply an Antioxidant that turns into Vitamin A in our Body.

Vitamin A is one of the most important nutrients you really need for a Healthy skin. Whether you get it from a diet or a cream, it’s protective and nourishing properties help your skin to stay Healthy, radiant and Firm.

2. Can Provide You with that Supple and Glowing Skin You Want

With Sweet Potatoe’s generosity of Vitamin A to you, you can also get that Glowing skin you’ve always wanted. How?

Vitamin A helps lighten sun-induced brown spots and also boost skin radiance. It first helps you shed damaged skin cells, making room for healthier skin cells to thrive. It also blocks the enzyme responsible for melanin production, thereby providing you with an even-toned, glowing skin. Sweeet!

3. Supports Collagen Production

Collagen is the major component of the skin responsible for providing elasticity to the skin, helping it appear more Youthful and Healthy.

Now, Sweet Potatoes contain Vitamin C, which is a good antioxidant and vital in Collagen Production. Also take note, Collagen helps a long way in other Body functions like holding bone and muscles together, providing structure to the joint and tendons, and protection of your organs.

4. Decrease Sensitivity to UV damage

By Boosting your Folate Needs.

Sweet Potatoes contain an important nutrient called Folate. Deficiency in this Folate can increase your skin sensitivity to UV(ultraviolet) radiation from the Sun, which has been researched to be one of the leading causes of Skin Cancer. To prevent this and to increase your Folate requirements, Sweet Potato should be added to your balanced diet plan.

6. Walnuts

Are You looking For A Younger and Smoother Skin? Look no further because you’ve got Walnut to the Rescue!

What Makes Walnuts Good For Your Skin?

1. They contain Essential Fatty Acids Your Body cannot produce on its own

Walnuts offer you lots of Omega-3 fatty acid that strenghten your skin membranes, retaining moisture in your skin, which aid in making your skin smoother and younger looking.

2. These Healthy Fats also reduce Skin inflammation and Protect the Skin against Harmful UV rays

7. Eggs

Protein-Packed Delight!

Protein-packed eggs are among the most essential food you need for that young and healthy skin.

Why Eggs?

Because apart from the Protein Eggs offer, they also give you a very essential vitamin called Biotin. This Biotin helps to Protect your Skin from Acne, Rashes and Skin-Dryness.

Eggs are just Great!

8. Beans

Yes! Another Great Source of Protein.

They Also Contain:

Anthocyanin and Isoflavones found in huge amounts, mainly in BlackBeans and Black Soybeans. These nutrients have been found to contain Anti-Ageing Properties. They also act as Sunscreens protecting your Skin cells from Ultraviolet rays.

Copper which can be mainly found in Navy Beans, acts as Antioxidants and Boosts skin Health. It fights radicals that can cause signs of premature ageing. Simply add Navy beans to your diet and you’ll be glad you did.

9. Green Tea

One of The Best Beverage you Need For A Healthy and Flawless Skin!

Top 5 Benefits Of Green Tea For a Healthy and Flawless Skin

1. It’s Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Green Tea contain High quantity of an Antioxidant called Catechin. They help a great deal in reduction of irritations, redness and swelling of the Skin. Also effective when a hydrating face mask is made.

2. A powerful Anti-Bacterial Agent

The Polyphenols in green tea damage bacterial membranes and fight infections in the skin. This makes Green tea a Useful tool in fighting of Bacteria growth which causes Acne and Clogged Pores.

3. Ability to treat Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

Green Tea also Contain Caffeine and Tannins which help to shrink blood vessels around the eye, making it a good remedy for puffy eyes and dark circles.

4. Essential for Skin Health Maintenance

Green Tea is Packed with Vitamin B2 and Vitamin E. Vitamin B2 is essential in maintaining the collagen levels for that youthful skin structure and firmness you desire. Vitamin E helps out by supporting new skin cell growth and to also keep the skin Hydrated for a soft and nourished Skin.

5. Ability to Defend Skin Against Damage from UV rays

Yes! Green Tea is that Awesome! Green Tea contains a very specific powerful Antioxidant called EGCG(EpigalloCatechin Gallate), the most abundant catechin in Tea, which plays a very important role by fighting DNA damage from Ultraviolet(UV) Rays from the Sun, to prevent skin Cancer. It’s also a potent Anti-ageing ingredient that combats signs of Ageing when ingested or applied topically.

Good Advice:

Take 4-6 Cups of Green Tea a Day with Lemon to Enhance the Effect of The Antioxidants in your skin cells.

10. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are Amazing Food For Healthy Skin! One of the most Effective remedies for a Clear and Clean Skin.

What Makes them So Great For Your Skin?

They Contain an impressive set of Carotenoids such as Bera-Carotene, Lutein and Lycopene which have been shown to protect your skin against damage from the sun and also prevent wrinkling of the skin.

They Contain High contents of Potassium and Vitamin C and A. This transforms the dullest and dryest of skins, and restores a radiant glow to the skin. It also help reduce effect of Sunburn on your skin.

11. Carrots

Sweet and Crunchy!

6 Benefits of eating Carrots for a Healthy Skin

1. Gives you a Glowing Skin

Carrots are loaded with lots of Vitamin C and Antioxidants. These help to keep your skin Vibrant and Healthy, giving you A glow you will love. You can also make a facemask with it by mixing grated Carrot with some Honey, then apply it generously on your face. Lot’s of good glow to get!

2. Can Help you Treat Blemishes and Scars

Drinking Carrot Juice is very effective in clearing of skin blemishes and scars.

3. Anti-Ageing Properties

The Vitamin C that Carrots contain give them the Ability to aid in collagen Production in the body. Collagen, which is very vital in the maintenance of the Skin elasticity, helps prevent wrinkles and reduce the process of Ageing, maintaining that young look you love for a very long time.

4. Protection from UV rays of the Sun

Carrots Contain a good amount of Vitamin A too. The Vitamin A helps in repairing damaged skin tissues and provide protection from The harsh Ultraviolet rays of the Sun. The antioxidants and carotenoids that carrots contain, protect and condition the skin to increase it’s immunity against the Sun and it’s harsh rays which leads to Sunburn.

5. Remedy for Dry Skin

Carrots are also rich in Potassium and Lack of Potassium can lead to Dry skin. Drinking Carrot Juice can prevent this skin problem and always keep your skin Hydrated.

6. Natural Treatment for Skin Ailments

Carrots are very effective in prevention and treatment of various skin Ailments. The antioxidants in this great vegetable can treat skin conditions like Pimples and Acne, Rashes, Dermatitis and other skin issues caused by lack of Vitamin A.


Filling Up on Carrots will Give You a Natural Glow!

12. Red or Yellow Bell Peppers

Like Sweet Potatoes, Bell Peppers are an excellent Source of Bera-carotene which your body converts into vitamin A.

They are also one of the best sources of Vitamin C, necessary for Collagen production in the body which keeps the Skin firm and Strong.

Research shows that due to large quantity of vitamin C Bell peppers contain, if eaten more often, there is a reduced risk of wrinkled and dry Skin with Age.

13. Broccoli

Broccoli is full of many vitamins and minerals important for keeping your skin healthy, including vitamin A, vitamin C and Zinc.

Benefits Of Eating Broccoli for Healthy Skin

1. It Promotes Skin Health

Broccoli contains a substance called glucoraphanin which gets converted into sulforaphane. This aids in skin repair and results in Healthy skin.

2. It slows down Ageing Process

One major Compound found in Broccoli called Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), has been found to offer anti-ageing benefits. NMN produces another compound important for energy metabolism – this compound fuels energy in our bodies, potentially eliminating some of the signs associated with ageing.

3. Prevent Skin Cancer and Protect from Sunburn

Broccoli contains a powerful protective agent called Sulforaphane, which help prevent Skin Cancer and Protect your skin from Sunburn. It works by neutralizing harmful radicals and switching on other protective systems in your body.

14. Beet root

This Ordinary looking vegetable hides within itself awesome powers to give you that beautiful glow you want, whether it’s part of your salad or extracted to make juice.

5 Top Benefits of Beet root For a Healthy Skin

1. Help in Keeping Wrinkles at bay

Drinking a glass of beet root juice each day can help maintain the elasticity of your skin for a very long time, delaying the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your skin.

2. Fights against Dry Skin

You can make a beetroot face mask by using the juice, honey and milk. Then applying it generously on your skin. This helps in giving you soft and moisturized skin.

3. Help in reducing Blemishes, Dark spots and Dark circles

By mixing equal parts of Beet root juice with Tomato juice, you can make an amazing mix and remedy to reduce dark spots and dark circles. All you need to do is apply the mix to the affected area. In time you will notice the spots getting lighter.

4. For a Lighter Skin

If you want a natural way to add that glow and lighten your skin a little, mix equal parts of beet root juice and lemon juice and apply it on your face. Wash it off after 15minutes. Do this daily and with time, your skin will get fairer.

5. Eliminates Toxins To Give you that Glow

Drinking a glass of beet root juice eliminates toxins from your body, giving you a healthy and glowing skin. Applying the juice regularly on your face will remove all dead cells, making your skin soft and supple.

15. Red Wine

Red Wine is not only good for your Heart, but it’s also great for your Skin.

Red grapes are packed with an antioxidant called resveratrol, which helps in decreasing skin cell damage and renders protection from the harmful Ultraviolet radiation of the Sun, hence fighting against skin Cancer. The phenolic compounds present in red grapes have antiallergic and antiviral properties, which helps in reducing skin rashes and infections of the Skin.


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