20 healthy habits to start practising in 2019 for a happier life.


Live life to the fullest, with little daily steps. Checkout these 20 healthy habits to start practising in 2019 for a happier life.

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It’s a year of new life, new possibilities and time to break away from all the vices that made you unhappy. It’s 2019 and to be happy in life is a great way to start and achieve. I came up with 20 healthy habits that you could start with and kick it off from there, and see life changing bit by bit for the better. So, here goes 20 healthy habits to start practising in 2019 for a happier life:

1. Use a minimum of 30minutes each day to plan your goals and dreams.

What makes life so interesting? What makes you fulfilled at the end of the day? Your hopes, your goals and your dreams right? Yes, our goals in life keeps us pushing, keeps us hopeful and even if your current job isn’t so fulfilling, your goals keep that flair in you alive for a better tomorrow.

So, to start your 2019 with an awesome plan to achieve your goals, devote at least 30minutes a day to planning how to achieve them, with little steps and patience, the sky is the limit. Cheers!

2. Read a Good Selfhelp Book each day for at least an hour.

Self help book, 50 healthy habits to start practising in 2019 for a happier life
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This is one of the best habits to practise and make a part of you. Why?

There’s no such thing like Wisdom. To gain Wisdom, you need knowledge and Experience. Books are a great way to gain great knowledge from the perspective of people who have gone through different hurdles in life. Learning is one basic step in your road to a happier life, both in your daily life and from the experiences of others. To be able to understand more about yourself and how limitless you can be, good self help books can help open your mind to a lot of possibilities and going after your dreams.

So why not try to read a good Self help book each day. Trust me, you will start learning more about yourself and gaining useful wisdom about a lot of things. Yes, you can do it!

Checkout this page for 38 of the best selfhelp books you could start with..https://www.bookbub.com/blog/2017/12/07/best-self-help-books/?popupdelay=0&source=pinterest_design

3. Hangout with Friends once in a while.

In your busy schedule, life could get depressing at times because of too much stress. It’s not a bad idea to find time to chill with friends. One thing is certain, good friends can bring out the best in Us and give us moments to remember. So try creating time to hangout and have a good laugh.

TGIF is a good way to start!

4. Spend time with your Pet.

There is this warm feeling that comes with spending time with your pet. It’s the simple things that matter most. You could take your dog for a walk and play hoops. You could give your cat a bath and dress it up in funny clothes. Lots of cute fun to have.

5. Eat Healthy.

Yes, Because Health is Wealth!

Give more attention to what you eat. Create a list of healthy meals good for you to eat everyday. Try do away with food that is not so good for you.

Tip: Add more fruits and vegetables to your daily meals. An Apple or Carrot a day is a good way to start.

6. Exercise for an awesome Body.

One of my favorites too.

Have you always wanted that awesome model look. Well, the good news is you can get that awesome shape you’ve always wanted. The little bad news is you need to put in work for it. But, nothing good comes easy right?

So, start with easy steps and with regular exercise, you begin to see how good your shape starts to look. You could start with 20-30 pushups each morning. You could go for a run in the morning for about 30minutes. 

Extra Tip: Exercise is also a good way to release stress.

7. Listen to Cool Music.

I love this one so much.

Music is a universal language with limitless words. When you want to really relax, lay down and play some R & B. It tends to put your mind at ease and makes you forget all the worries of life. Cool right.

8. Learn a new Recipe every week.

We all love food! Ya we doooo!

It’s time to kick your cooking game up a bit. An awesome way is to learn a new Recipe each week. There are Lots of recipes to get online and develop your cooking skills.

A nice way to spend cool time with your loved one too and ‘SLICE’ a little time off your day.

9. Count your Blessings each Morning.

Its an important habit to have. When you’re grateful each day for the good things in your life, Life has a funny way of giving you more goodies. You might not have all you want presently, but being grateful for all you have and how far you’ve come gives way for more blessings.

Aaron Taylor Johnson Thank You GIF by Golden Globes - Find & Share on GIPHY

10. Meet new People.

The world is a beautiful place and there is a lot to learn. Best way to learn about life is when we meet new people. You will be amazed at how much you can learn from people, and form new relationships. I met most of my friends in places I never expected. Once had a cool chat with this pretty lady in the bank one day, and the way we communicated, it was as if we were childhood friends. Since then, we’ve been best of friends.

This habit could be quite hard to build, cause we are shy sometimes. But the good news is you could start at places where you feel more comfortable like the workplace, a neighborhood meeting, a cinema, and build from there.

Awesome Tip: The more comfortable you get with meeting new people, the more it gives your confidence an extra boost. The World is yours, Dear!

11. Travel to a new Place once in a while.

VACATION Tiiiiimme! There’s no better way to live life.

Travel a little, see the world. At least once in a while, like once a month, travel to a new place you’ve not been to before. Gives you the chance of Learning about the culture of the place, and a great way to also meet new people, expand your social circle, and who knows, you might meet your lifelong partner on your trip.

For more Travelling tips, checkout https://www.naijala.com/100-awesome-bucket-list-ideas-to-try-before-you-die/

12. Take the risk and Chase your Dreams Each Day.

One Step at a Time!

You can plan and plan for ages, what really makes the difference is your ACTION towards your goals and dreams. Have you always wanted to start a business, own a house, a car, or something else? Then it’s time to start making daily efforts toward achieving your dreams. And it might take time, but little daily steps will get you there before you know it.

13. Help People in Need.

It’s unfortunate that so many people are suffering so much in the World. Whenever you can, try and give a helping hand to someone less fortunate than you, no matter how little. You can’t end all the suffering in the world, but with one or two good deeds a day, you can make a difference, put a smile on someone’s face, and gain the awesome feeling that comes from helping out.

14. Do things(Hobby) that make you Happy Daily.

Think of a cool hobby you love, and do it daily. Do you love to sing, dance, blog about life like me, watch movies or something else? Whats holding you back, baby?


15. Show your Loved One How special they are to you, any chance you get.

Yes, Love makes the world go round!

This habit is so essential in keeping relationships alive. Whenever you have a chance to make your spouse or loved one feel special, don’t miss that chance. You could buy him/her a little gift when coming home from work. You could cook a special meal for him/her(that special type of meal that takes time to prepare).Take him/her out on a date and give your attention to him/her. As humans, we love a partner that creates time for us.

It’s the little things that matter the most, I tell ya.

16. Improve your Fashion and Style.

Yes, Fashion and Style. Dress how you would like to be Addressed!

Upgrade your wardrobe like once a month. Spend some money on good fashion and get results in cool looks and Selfie worthy looks. Get a good cream, perfume and other great things and start to observe better response from people at work and out there.

17. Stay away from Gossips and Bad Energy.

Something about indulging in gossips is, when you’re not with the group, there is a high chance you will be the topic for the day. Gossiping can be a cool way to pass time with friends and co-workers, but should not be taken to extreme conditions where you start to envy someone else. If it is becoming too much, it’s best you leave the group.

18. Always create time for Self Reflection and Meditation.

Find an alone time like once each day for about 25minutes. Think deeply and meditate with a calm state of mind. Let go of the stressful issues of life. It can be done out in Nature. A view of the beatiful creations of  Mother Nature can go a long way to ease your mind.

Tip: It is better done in the morning or on a cool evening in a quiet environment.

19. Drink More Water.

One of the most natural elements, ‘H2O’.

It’s a very important habit to practice with lots of health benefits. For one, water prevents dehydration, flushes toxins from your body, boosts immune system amongst others according to Elementalbottles.com.https://www.elementalbottles.com/blogs/news/14-overlooked-benefits-of-drinking-water

Tips: For Ladies, Drink at least 11glasses of water a day. For Men, Drink at least 16 glasses of water a day.

20. Smile More.

Source via Pixabay 

Smile Dearie, It’s free medication.

Dennis The Menace Smile GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Source via GIPHY

Image Source via Pixabayhttps://pixabay.com/

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