21 Fun and Awesome Things To Do On a Weekend


It’s a time we love, we’re free from stress at work and we just want to have a cool, calm and fun weekend. Check out these 21 awesome and fun things you can do to have an amazing and stress-free weekend.

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It’s a time we love, we’re free from stress at work and we just want to have a cool, calm and fun weekend. Check out these 21 fun and awesome things you can do to have an amazing and stress-free weekend.

1. Go Hiking (Alone or With Friends)

Put On your sneakers, Pack together all the necessities you need into your backpack, and Hike the hell out of your Saturday Morning. There is so much to see! The woods, The Mountains, Animals, and So much more. The Adventure begins.

2. Go Swimming

It’s Relaxing, Great Exercise for you and really Fun!

3. Read A Good Book

A lot of good books are available at the book store, the community library or they are online as pdf’s for you to download. What type of books do you like? Romantic Novels, Adventure Novels, History Books, Motivational Books, Self-Help Books and so much to look for. Just take a pick and expand your knowledge this weekend.

4. Learn a New Food Recipe

Enhance Your Culinary skills! Get a new recipe online, try it and surprise yourself! Mmm! Delicious!

5. Visit the Beach

Get your Feet Wet, Enjoy the cool Breeze!

6. Learn a New Dance Move

Find good dance tutorials on Youtube, and Get Your Dance On!

7. BBQ (Barbecue)

Barbecue image from awesome things to do on a weekend

There’s so much fun and food when you Have a Weekend Barbecue with friends and family.

8. Do Some Charity Work

Charity image from fun things to do on a weekend

There is Joy in Giving and Helping People in need! Just Try It!

9. Play Video Games With Friends

Show off your game skills, and have an awesome time with friends.

10. Time to Play Sports

What kind of Sport do you like? Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Football, Soccer, Snowboading, Paintball, Kayaking? So much to do. Take your pick and have fun this weekend.

11. Make A List of Awesome Movies and Watch All Night

Nothing’s so cool like watching a list of awesome movies all through the night with the lights off. Sets that Cinema kind of vibe, but in your room instead. Order Your Pizza, Chicken Nuggets, Popcorn and Begin your Adventure.

12. Plan Your Life Goals and Dreams

Very, Very Important! The weekend is a great time for planning your Goals and Dreams in Life, making adjustments where it is needed and getting ready to put your plans into action.

13. Practice your Drawing and Painting

Art is Beautiful, it adds life to anything it touches! Improve your drawing and painting skills this weekend. Even though its not world class yet, keep practicing every weekend. It’s A Fun, Productive and Awesome way to spend your weekend.

14. Learn A Musical Instrument

Music speaks to us all through the Language of Emotions. There is music for when you’re feeling Groovy, when you’re alone, when you’re Happy, and any other mood you can think of. It’s cool listening to music, but creating it can be just as fun or even better. Take your weekend to learn a Musical instrument, and even if at first you make series of noise, just give it time. Practice makes Perfect.

15. Take an Online Course in Anything You Like

You can learn a new skill online during your weekend when you are free. Explore for all the interesting things you’ll like to learn more about. There are lot’s of good sites like Coursera (https://www.coursera.org/) and Teachable (https://teachable.com/) you could learn from.

16. Pick one Thing on Your Bucket List and Do It!

Bucket List is a list of things you hope to do or accomplish during your lifetime. It can be risky stuff, thrilling stuff, mind-blowing stuff and so on. Everyone has a bucket list of some kind, either in their mind or written down. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do? The weekend is the perfect time to do it. For great and cool bucket list ideas, Click: (https://www.naijala.com/travel/100-awesome-bucket-list-ideas-to-try-before-you-die/)

17. Learn a Magic Trick

Do you want to have some Magic tricks up your sleeve, that you can use to thrill your friends, family and co-workers? Yes, you can use your weekend to practice different magic tricks and get better at them. Check some Magic trick tutorials on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/) and get started. Abracadabra!

18. Hangout with Friends

Fun, Stress-Free, and Awesome! It’s a Perfect way to spend the weekend. Hangout with friends. You can go to a Cinema, a Park, a Zoo, Museum and so on. The list is so long. Start planning for a fun weekend.

19. Meet New People

I love this Idea because of how fun it is. Hangout at relaxation spots like the Restaurant, Bar, Beach, and so on. Learn to socialize, meet new people and learn more about them. You can never really know someone unless you’ve had a cool, deep conversation with them. And yea, Be a good Listener!

20. Go on a Camping Trip

Travel to a great location for camping with your friends or family members. Make a fire, roast marshmallows, share interesting stories, and have fun!

21. Go for a Massage! You’ve Earned It

Massage picture in 21 awesome and fun things to do on a weekend

It’s the weekend! You’re probably stressed out from a long week at work. Why not visit a Spa or Massage Parlour. Have a good time, You’ve earned it!

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