21 Sweet and Romantic Gestures that say ‘I love You’


How can you show your lover you really do cherish and love them. You can start with these 21 sweet and Romantic Gestures that say ‘I love you’.

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A great Relationship doesn’t always require the most expensive gifts. To keep the love burning and your relationship going strong, requires some little effort from both partners. Sometimes, saying ‘I love you’ is not just enough. How can you show your lover you really do cherish and love them. You can start with these 21 sweet and Romantic Gestures that say ‘I love you’. These gestures applies to both the Man and His Lady.

1. Sweet and Romantic gestures like Clasping Hands when walking in Public.

Sweet and romantic gestures

A very sweet gesture! The hand sends powerful signals. Holding hands signifies love, protection and shows that you both belong together with each other.

2. Doing Silly Stuff with Each other.

If you can’t be silly and childish with your lover, who can you be silly with? Don’t hide your playful and sweet side from your partner. It sends the message that you are free to be yourself around her, and she will equally feel free around you.

3. Give Her an Intimate kiss every Morning before leaving home for work.

Kiss her passionately! Let it ring in her head all day while you’re not around each other. Lovely, sweet and romantic gestures that would leave your lady with a smile every morning!

4. Breakfast in Bed never gets Old!

The oldest trick in the book of love, but still works every time! Every now and then, wake up an Hour earlier than your partner, make some lovely pancakes, eggs, juice, milk, or their favourite breakfast. If sweet and romantic gestures like this don’t make her smile, I don’t know what can!

5. Eat Meals Together.

There is love in sharing! Feed your lover from your plate, let her have a bite of your Chicken. Also try to Feel relaxed with each others eating Habits. When you always eat meals together, it creates a stronger bond between you and your lover.

6. Send Lovely Text Messages to each other.

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At least once daily will do. It’s so sweet when he texts you in the middle of the day, with sweet words, letting you know he misses you! The little things matter!

7. Send Him a Romantic Song that lets him know how you feel about Him.

Music speaks to the heart the most. If you have a lovely romantic song that you like, send it to your partner to listen to. You could also send a voice note with your lovely voice for him to listen to.

8. On your Way back from Work, get her Flowers, a Lovely treat or snack that She likes.

Let her know you had her in mind and you care for her. With Flowers, little treat or snacks, your message will be well received. A very little gesture, but sweet and romantic.

9. Sweet and Romantic Gestures like Asking How Her Day went and Listening.

This gesture is often taken for granted, but it’s very vital in a relationship. Ask each other how their day was, then lay back and Listen to them. She might vent about a co-worker, about a rude boss or talk about how great the day was. Just Be present and Listen!

10. Spend time in the Shower together.

Have a lovely shower with each other and don’t hold back your naughty side. It can easily be the best part of the day. Trust me, Haha!

11. Show your Partner You Believe in them.

We all have dreams and goals of things we would like to achieve. Show your Partner you believe in them, by supporting them as they chase their goals. Help out once in a while with a Project. Offer good advice on plans and showup when they have a public display of their project. It’s a fun and lovely gesture that shows your partner you believe in them.

12. You need a Simple but Priceless Gift to mark their special Day.

Sweet and romantic gestures

When it comes to your partners birthday or a day that is special to them, Special gifts matter. You don’t need to buy the moon, but get a gift that signifies the love you have for them. Gifts that last long like a jewelry, bracelet, shoes and so on, and shows how precious they are to you.

13. Please don’t forget the Anniversaries.

Sweet and romantic gestures

The first day you met, When you started dating, If married: the day you proposed or got married… These dates should matter to you. If you really want to show your partner how much you care, please do something special on these days. You can set an alarm to help you remember. Very sweet of You!

14. Plan a Surprise Weekend Getaway.

A time away from friends and family, just for you and your bae. Once in a while, you need to go far away with each other to a new place and unwind. This sweet gesture strengthens the connection between the both of you.

15. Prepare Meals and Do House Chores together.

Sweet and romantic gestures

Once in a while, help out in the kitchen. Prepare meals together with her, handle some house chores and relieve her of the house work. It’s a sweet and romantic gesture that makes you spend more valuable time together.

16. Gestures like Planning Movie night!

Scary Movie Love GIF by davidbesnier-c3d0 - Find & Share on GIPHY

At least once a Month, get a lovely list of Romantic movies with all the delicious goodies or meals. Stay indoors all night, cuddle up with each other and have a Sweet time.

Checkout these 50 great Romantic movies to watch with your Lover: (https://www.naijala.com/entertainment-movies-and-tv-series/50-best-romantic-movies-to-watch-with-your-spouse/)

17. Sweet and Romantic gestures like Giving Your Lover a Massage!

Sweet and romantic gestures

Lovely treat after a really stressful day or week. A very Lovely, Sweet and Romantic gesture.

18. Try Stuff they like in the Bedroom.

Sweet and romantic gestures

Sometimes a little compromise can go a long way in showing your lover how much you care. Discuss what you both like in the bedroom, and try them out. You might end up discovering a whole new world of pleasure. All thanks to your sweet and romantic gestures.

19. Join in their Hobby!

You might not really like their favourite Hobby, but once in a while join and gain a little interest in what they like. He might love watching football on Sundays, join him. She might love cooking and learning new recipes, join her.

20. Say ‘I Love You’.

Sweet and romantic gestures

Sometimes, this is all your partner needs to hear. Those three words: I Love You. Look her in the eyes, say them and mean it. Tell her how much she means to you. Simple, Sweet and Lovely.

21. Never go to Bed Angry with each other!

Squash any beef or quarrels you have before going to bed! When you can’t Agree on who is right, find a middle ground and make peace.

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