HANGOVER? 9 best food or beverage to cure Hangovers


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Sometimes, those things we love end up causing us some issues. We’re having fun all night at this birthday party, the girls, the booze, ooh yeaaah! Steve, throw me a bottle of Vodka, someone screams shots! shots! shots!, one shot, maybe two shots later, no I gotta prove am the man, before i know it, 6 shots of vodka and counting. Oh Gosh!, what have I gotten myself into. Awesome night, not shy, dance away, and I clock in by 2am. It’s 7 in the morning, this serious headache, my head is feeling so heavy, oh Gosh, a Hangover. What to do?? Well, fear not, here are 9 food or beverage you can quickly scoop up and take to numb the pain. Let’s Go!

1. Banana

Mmm, Yummy!

Banana made it to the top of our list because of it’s awesomeness at destroying Hangovers. Due to research, our friends at ThehealthyDrinker discovered that Banana being made of 75% water, a huge winner to reduce that dehydration in your body caused by your hangover, also contains huge amount of Vitamin C and B6 which help neutralize the effect of Hangover and prevent liver damage from excess Drinking. Bananas are also loaded with lots and lots of natural sugars that replenishes the body after a fun weekend of fun, drinks and small chops. Hey! Why not give it a try.

2. Eggs

Oh yeah! You heard it right!

Eggs are great at curing Hangovers. Ask me why. Ok. Let’s get into the science. Eggs contain large amounts of amino acid called Cysteine. During the break-down of the alcohol in your system(that moment you’re feeling the headache), a toxic substance called Acetaldehyde is produced as by-product in your liver. And this is bad for you! So Eggs which contain Cysteine, help neutralize this by-product, and end up curing your Hangover. Ain’t that great! In case there are no Bananas around, check around for some eggs and make that delicious omelette. Nice!

3. Honey

Yes! Number 3 on our list for curing Hangovers, sweet taste included too, HONEY!

Honey is praised by Food Scientists for it’s ability to aid the body in quickly breaking down all the alcohol you consume and as a great recipe for serious hangovers. It contains some Antioxidant properties that help neutralize toxins from alcohol. It contains Fructose, which is used by the body to convert our villain, Acetaldehyde, into Acetic acid which is less toxic and is naturally broken down by the body. No stress involved, just sweet, as HONEY!

4. Nuts:

We gotta have some nuts ready to get nibbled. It’s great how nuts help you reduce hangovers because they contain a lot of protein, vitamin E and other nutrients which make them the hero for our headache. It also help if we take them during drinking, to prevent a possible hangover from ever happening in the first place. Another tip is that Salted ones help even out the Soaring Blood sugar in our body system. Thank me later, when your done nibbling and your Hangover’s gone.

5. Avocado

Why are Avocados good at curing hangovers, you say? Here goes: You see, Drinking reduces the amount of potassium needed by the body. Avocado to the rescue, because Avocados are very rich in potassium and not just that, they are also full of fiber and B6 vitamins to get your muscles functioning well and even better. Ultimately, getting rid of your Hangover. You’re Welcome.

6. Coconut water

It’s very tasty and we could take long sips of it and still want more. Yes! Coconut Water. It’s an awesome cure for hangovers because of its ability to hydrate our system by replacing lost fluid, it’s richness in potassium and it’s ability to ease your hangover symptoms. Get to breaking and getting that coconut water out.

7. Tomato Juice

Yep! It’s high in Vitamin C, contains Glutathione, a substance the body produces to fight toxins produced by Alcohol break-down. Tomato Juice is a great beverage, and it’ just in the Fridge. Start blending and get rid of that headache dear.

8. Milk

Everyone loves milk, right?

Oh yeah. If any of the beverages mentioned above don’t cut it for you, because of the taste, not to worry, milk is upto the task. Although it’s not the best source of minerals needed, it contains a fair amount of Casein, which is able to counteract our Hangover and give us a soothing rest. No Milk in the Fridge? Try asking your next door neighbour, they might have some to spare.

9. Oats

Packed up with Calcium, Vitaming B, Magnesium and Iron, Oats do an excellent work at neutralizing the acids in your belly and also raise blood sugar levels in a good way. Its great that you can easily get them in the store right around the corner, and who says you can’t make them with a whole lot of milk for that sweet combination.

Wow, that’s it, HANGOVER gone!


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