Most Common Life Problems and Best ways to solve them


The more you live, fail and learn…the more you gain the experience needed to make Life beautiful. Take a Look at 9 most common life problems and arguably, the Best ways to solve them.

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I remember how I saw the World as a perfect place when I was a Child. I had no worries of what to eat, where to live, when to sleep or wakeup and so on. My Only Problem was waking up and dressing up for school, LoL. I had no idea I was under perfect care and protection from my Parents. I grew up, and started hearing words like Responsibilities, Pay Bills, Relationship problems, Hustle hard. It’s so Crazy! But I’ve come to understand Life Gives you challenges each and every day to see If you can survive and pull through them. Well, here comes the good part, the more you live, learn and fail….the more you gain the experience needed to make Life beautiful and perfect again for yourself. Take a Look at 9 most common life problems and arguably, the Best ways to solve them.

1.) When You didn’t achieve a Goal You set for Yourself.

Achieving the goals you set for yourself is such a wonderful thing and gives you that extra Confidence and Adrenaline kick you love. But reality kicks in, most of the time. You set a goal, a timeline to achieve it, everything is going the way you planned and…….OMG, It all falls apart. It’s one of the bitter cup of tea life can give to you when you least expect.

What To Do:

First things first, Accept that things won’t always go the way you planned them to go. The best thing to do is to keep adjusting to the results. Take some quiet time and reflect on why you didn’t achieve your Goal. Re-strategize and Try a different method, or set a different Goal entirely that would ignite the fire and passion in You.

2.) Lots Of Bills To Pay! Savings Gone! Nothing Left for Yourself.

Money is so crazy! Very Precious to have in a World where everyone is struggling for it. It is hard to make, but very easy to spend. Before your Paycheck comes in, you already have bills waiting. So crazy! You want to start a business, your savings are intact, out of nowhere an emergency comes up. You end up exhausting your savings and have to start saving all over again. How do we move forward from here?

How to Get Yourself out of this Financial Wormhole:
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When it comes to Money, please be Ruthless in planning, budgets and spending. To get ahead and be financially free, budget by setting your main priorities. Set the difference between your needs and wants, and face your needs first. Sacrifice some of your wants and pay off those necessary bills before they get out of control. Then keep a percentage of your paycheck aside as savings to help start or fund your business. Don’t touch it no matter what and keep adding to it when you have the chance until it is enough for investment. Also remember, Life is meant to be enjoyed, so keep little change aside for emergencies and to show love to yourself and family.

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3.) Everyday Feels The Same (Boring As Fvck)

When Your Life is like a School timetable, You get bored and stressed out really fast. Wake up each day, eat, dressup, head to work, hustle all day, come back home, sleep, repeat the next day. Ahhhhhhh! That was not part of the plan!

How You Can Change It All:

There is so much more to Life. The moments you spend with friends, family and loved ones should not be taken for granted. Go out of Your comfort zone and render a helping hand to someone each day. It would bring more joy to you. Set monthly Goals and try your best to achieve them. It would give you the satisfaction of accomplishment and add an extra Confidence to you. Plan a Trip and JUST DO IT! Don’t look back. Try more Random stuff and learn more about yourself.

4.) Heartbroken, Unhappy and Can’t Hold Down a Stable Relationship

It is not bad to want happiness, love and care from a relationship. It is in Human nature to seek a partner to be there with you through Life. But when you’ve given all you have to relationships and you end Up with series of Heartbreaks. How much more of that bullsh*t can you take?

What To Do:
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Accept that a lot of people will come into your life, some will stay and become best friends, even family, while some will leave. Accept that You will meet people who will want to date you at the first chance they get. Also accept that, not all your relationships will work out. You can’t change people into what they don’t want to be. So Learn more about Yourself, your flaws and mistakes. Then find someone Who is more compatible with You and who you can be bestfriends with, before You decide to date them. Sometimes, just give people a chance, put down your protective wall and see how amazing life can be.

5.) When Your Career Plans Got messed Up

You’re done with College, apply for a lot of Jobs. You have been to a lot of interviews, but they don’t call back. Or You are an Entrepreneur with a Million Dollar dream. You try and try but it all results to nothing much. It’s Like time is wasting and your dreams are falling apart. Please trust me, you’re not alone.

What Can You Do:

First check your Career decision and think on why You chose it in the first place. Does it fuel your passion and make you Happy? Think why it isn’t working out the way you expected. Are there some necessary skills or years of experience you need that you don’t have yet? If after all this, You’re not sure it’s the right career for you, it is never too late to find something new that is in line with what you want to achieve in Life. Change direction Or Go Harder!

6.) You Have an Addiction You can’t seem to Shake off.

Most common Life Problems

Addiction is like an itch you always want to scratch, sometimes in public, and sometimes it is well hidden. You would be amazed if most people tell you what they are addicted to.

To know More, Checkout this Article on the Top 7 Addictions People Struggle with:


How To Overcome Your Addiction:
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First step is when you notice you can’t control a Particular Habit and realize how it’s affecting other parts of your life, negatively. Many factors will make it difficult for You to stop. Your emotional, physical and mental factors will play a huge role. Good news is You can break this Habit. Find a more safer habit or hobby, like listening to Music or Hanging out with friends, to help pull you away from your toxic habit. Reach out to Someone who can give you good advice on what to do when you are faced with the temptation to relapse. If or when you relapse, don’t beat Yourself Up. You’re Human! Keep resisting and trying to break it.

7.) Want To Get Fit But It’s So Hard to Keep Going

Most common Life Problems

You’ve come up with a plan, dietplan, daily pushups and different exercise routines to keep fit. It all seems to be going well the first two weeks and then you’re like, “This ain’t Easy! What am I trying to Prove?” Lol, We’ve all been there.

How To make Your Work out Plans, Work Out For You:
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To make it Work out for You, first start small. Don’t just go to the gym on your first day and start lifting heavy weights, LOL! Start with small activities. Simple push-ups and press-ups. To help put you in a great workout mood, use music with earpiece to spice it all up. Each day you go, keep trying to add a little more effort than the previous day. Always give your body time to adjust. Soon, You’ll be doing amazing stuff in the gym with your body than you expected. I also find out it is motivating to have gym buddies to boost your confidence too. You can do it!

8.) When Fear is Holding You back

Most common Life Problems

You always wanted to go for something, to try something new and you know it will make you feel good. Then this little voice inside comes out and tells you things like: “What if You fail”, “You can’t”, and so many negative stuff. It stops You from even trying. What to Do!

Overcoming Your Fears

Guess what, You can overcome that voice and fear inside You. Easier said than done, right. Well, think about it this way: Everyone is afraid of something. What makes you take a leap and just go for it, is another little voice in You that can just say “Fvck It, What do I have to lose?”. Summon that brave voice each time you’re scared and just go for what you want.

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9.) Accepting the Concept of Death and Living Your Best Life.

Most common Life Problems

Hmm…Silence in the room. The idea of knowing one day everything will come to an end and You will pass on, is a very hard concept to accept. After all the struggles, the hustle, the fun and enjoyment, the laughter, the achievements in life, one day it all comes to an end for each of Us. The most difficult part to deal with is the day is unknown. How do we deal with such a deep concept?

Best Way to Deal with This Concept:

Take a minute and think of Death as something that gives Life, meaning. Imagine we all had to live forever, it would be awesome right. Well, for like, the first 500years. Because, there would come a time where we would literally be bored of everything and Life would be pointless. Life comes with problems each and everyday, we fight through and survive. But it’s not all peaceful. So, look at death as the Peace that would one day come and free you from all the stress and problems of life. Like going to a better place. Accept this fact, and start living your best life from today. Don’t hesitate to have fun, to be happy, to do your best and to make your mark on this Earth.

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