Top Qualities and Values That Define A Real Man

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What makes a Man an Alpha-Male of his Specie? What makes a man Great? What truly makes a Man, a Real Man? Check out this Interesting qualities and values that defines a Real Man.

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What makes a Man an Alpha-Male of his Specie? What makes a man Great? What truly makes a Man, a Real Man? Check out this Interesting Top qualities and values that defines a Real Man.

1.) Persistence

A Real Man keeps trying and never says never, especially when things have gone bad. He keeps Hoping, putting in more work, planning and strategizing to achieve his goals. People might try to put him down, but he keeps believing and never quits.

“When the going gets Tough, The Tough get going.”

2.) Courage

This Man has fears that exist in him, just like every other human being, but He has the guts to face them head-on. He picks up the Courage to go for what he wants. This is Priceless!

3.) Hard-Working

A Real man takes his Work very seriously. He knows that nothing great can be accomplished without Hardwork. So, when it’s time for business, he gets busy.

4.) The Perfect GentleMan

He is Polite, Respectful, Considerate and Attentive to the needs of those around him. But he also knows when to bring out that Toughness and set boundaries, not to get pushed around by People.

“You can love him, But you know better than to Mess With Him.”

5.) Self-Confidence

He is Confident in himself and who he is. He stays true to himself even when others try to change him. Makes decisions and sticks to them. Does not second-guess himself or his decisions. An invaluable Quality to have.

6.) A Man of Few Words

This Man Knows the Power of Words. He speaks only when it is necessary. He thinks about the words before they roll out of his Tongue. He doesn’t just speak for people to notice he is around or to hear his voice.

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Wise Men Speak because they have Something to Say, Fools speak because they have to say Something.


7.) BreadWinner and Defender of His Family

This cannot be changed. This is a Responsibility a Real Man does not joke with, and he lives upto it. He works to provide the necessities and luxuries of life for his Family. When it comes to protecting them, He can put his life on the line for them. Please don’t Mess With his Family.

8.) Keeps to His Word/Promises

Because He knows how powerful Words can be, He doesn’t take Promises lightly. He gives a priority to his Promises and makes sure he keeps to them.

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9.) A man Of Unique Style and Class

With good grooming, a real man adds unique fashion style to the resume of his good qualities. When he goes into a room, he doesn’t need to draw all the attention to himself, but he is respected for his unique fashion sense and style.

10.) Independence

This is One key ingredient that truly defines an Alpha-Male. His ability to make his own decisions, support himself, provide all his needs and be his own Man. This quality also draws the attention of the ladies. A great quality to have as a Man.

11.) A Leader By Example

A Real Man Leads by Example. He doesn’t tell people how to live or do things, He simple shows them proof through his Lifestyle. He doesn’t strive to be the Leader, but people are drawn to him because of the way he lives his life.

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Do not follow where the Path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a Trail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

12.) His Solid Principles and Values

A real Man knows who he is, and his Principles and Values govern his life. He doesn’t stray from these values, but stands firmly for them. Even if he stands alone, he stands unshaken.

Principles are Guidelines for human conduct that are proven to have enduring, permanent Value.

Stephen Covey

13.) Takes Responsibility for His Actions

In his Actions, he makes Mistakes and Fails sometimes. When this happens, he doesn’t blame others for his actions. Instead, He steps up to the plate and takes full responsibility. When he fails, he cleans the dust off his face, gets back up and keeps moving.

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